Our Bovines

Our bovines are Certified Organic, grass-fed and grass-finished. Cows are ruminants. We believe they are uniquely and perfectly designed to process forage, and if thought and energy is put towards perfecting the forage and the management system around forage, ultimate value for farmers and consumers will be found.

What they eat

  • They eat high-quality grass when available and high-quality hay when it’s not.
  • We also provide Redmond salt and kelp that they can choose to eat.

Life as a Dairy Cow

  • Our calves stay with mama for at least 8 weeks before weaning.
  • Our cows are milked only once a day.
  • No artificial insemination here—our bull takes care of this for us.
  • 100% grass-fed.

Life as a Beef Cow

  • Grass-fed and grass-finished. NO GRAIN in our finishing.
  • During grazing season, our cattle are rotated to a new area of pasture each day. This practice is called Management Intensive Grazing which stimulates rapid regrowth, prevents erosion, improves soil fertility, and sequesters carbon from the atmosphere.


  • Nutrient rich forage + excellent management = healthy animals
  • We see less and less health issues in any animals here. For example: Compare – 75 bovines for the last year: zero major illness of any sort. Feet on a couple cows; some sub-clinical mastitis, that’s about it. No pinkeye for years. No ringworm for years. These are the rewards of our fertility program and of excellent management.
  • Your gain? A healthy, nutrient dense product, full of Omega-3’s, CLA, and much more.

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