2015 Pig Information

  • We are and always will be a diversified farm. Pigs are valuable “team” members here, they have an important job to do, recycling dairy waste, renovating pasture, diversity in income.
  • Our pigs were not from a certified organic farm in 2015, but one that does not use pesticides herbicides or antibiotics. They are no longer available from the certified organic supplier we had for 6 years.
  • They are a Berkshire cross.
  • They are fed certified organic local feed, and are pastured on our certified organic 2005-13 grass. No antibiotics, growth hormones, or any kind of funny business. The corn was grown in the 2014 season, and we purchase certified organic soy meal and other ration components.
  • We grow them slower, and in their natural environment, which results in great taste.We feed Certified Organic local and homegrown feed.
  • They are rotated on large areas of pasture, grasses/hay make up 20% or so of their diet.
  • The ground feed does contain soy for those that are concerned about that.

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