Our Story


When Scott was a young boy, he would spend summers at his North Dakota grandparent’s farm. As early as he could remember, he wanted to be a farmer. He loved operating tractors, had an interest in farm animals. In high school, he sought a farm job, and worked for 4 years operating equipment, and renting ground & raising pigs. With college came an eventual focus on computers and business. From 1994-2004, Scott ran a quite successful Wisconsin Internet Service Provider by the name of Global Dialog Internet. Upon selling that business in 2004, having moved to the farm in spring 2002, the Trautman Family – by 2003 to include (2014 age) Lilly (11), Quinn (14) and Ian (16), we started farming for our living.

Fortunately the return from the Internet world was put into the soil – on our 70 owned and (2014) 65 rented acres – in minerals, to rebuild tired, dead soils, into living thriving fertile soils. This investment has given us great crops that provide nourishment to our healthy cows, steers, pigs and hens that provide you with the best quality grassfed foods. It’s all related.

Come on out and see us – see what we mean – see the beautiful soil, grass, animals, feel the great energy and hope in us – and take some of it home with you along with our Grass Great food!


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Trautman Family Farm 2049 Skaalen Road, Stoughton Wisconsin 53589