Our Values

We believe in nature. Nature did not get it wrong the first time. Man, in his arrogance, got it wrong. In our arrogance, we claim absolute dominion over nature, in war against nature. We reject this arrogance in as many ways as is possible. We do not reject technology or innovation, just the arrogant application of anything.

In our humility, the humility of nature, we seek to benefit from seeking the perfect system that nature has created, to facilitate that system, and in so doing, earn a living and a life and provide the bounty of nature to others of like values. In every way, we resist imposing our will on nature, instead, asking humbly, how may we assist you.

We encourage polyculture. We embrace permaculture, we seek diversity in all we do. We are not just a dairy farm, or a beef farm or any flavor, we are a diversified farm in the very best tradition. Our pastures include not less than 10 varieties of grass and legumes; our rotations of crops are diverse, our animals and their manures are diverse, our customers are diverse, our income streams are diverse, our thinking is diverse. We raise grassfed beef, pastured pork, pastured eggs, grassfed dairy, and honey, (and fruits and nuts somewhere down the line). All coordinated for workload, seasonality to provide diversity in work, the outputs of one system often the inputs of another. There is nothing wasted, ever. Waste is failure; waste is wasteful.

We do not desire to create a megolithic farm, where low-paid employees do our work. The tradition of the family farm is a rich one that we hope to continue across the generations, and encourage everywhere. We will find ourselves satisfied, and not in competition with our neighbors.¬† If someone else has a different idea, that’s fine for them. But these are our values. We cannot be the better for someone else being the worse.

We reject the industrialization of agriculture and reliance on chemicals and genetic engineering. More than a little has been lost.

Our bovines are treated in the natural way. Bovines are perfectly designed by nature to process grasses into meat and milk. Whatever current sciences says, we know eventually that what nature has done is, was and will be perfect, and it is up to us humans to discard our arrogance and rediscover what our ancestors knew.

Bovines were not meant to be on concrete. So no matter what convenience it might be to be on concrete, they will not be for any longer than they have to be to satisfy sanitary codes.

Bovines can and will be allowed to raise their own young. We acknowledge the compromise we must make, in cutting that feeding attachment at 8-12 weeks in order that we are able to profit from the relationship. Our experience is that when we create the right situation¬†– this mother child situation works absolutely perfectly. We simply do not worry about calves here. We do not tempt ourselves into believing that the milk from the mother is ours, not the calves, and assign a price to it and steal it. We allow the calf its share and we take what’s left over, it is our job to create the profit, and we have. It is up to the consumer to decide if this price fits their values.

We refuse to value one life because of monetary value over another. For example, we leave bull calves with mother the same as heifer calves. It is up to us to make that value, and we do. For us to say – you there – you are worthless – you there – you have value – is a judgment we will bring back on ourselves if we participate in it. All life is sacred here.

If the animal can do it, we believe the animal will do it better than we can do it for them. Breeding; as much as we can, we will use a bull. Grazing: as much as possible, rather than feeding them stored feed. Natural behaviors, we will support them as much as we know how to accomplish it. The foods they were designed to eat, and the seasonality they were designed to experience. All comforts that can be provided sensibly will. If they cannot, we exit that system.

We are committed to growth and learning. We will never know it all; we will never become sedentary and lazy and presume we have it all figured out. We will to our dying breath continue to seek innovation, new ways to cooperate with nature, better serve our customers, be better stewards of the land, and citizens of the world.

Our wealth is not best expressed by money, but by our friendships, our health and our happiness. We are grateful to be able to share it with all. We especially desire to serve the ordinary man, and we are happy to sacrifice our comfort for others and for a better future.

To some this may sound high minded and pompous. You then may not be someone who will benefit from a relationship with us. There are certainly others who will be willing to serve your needs. If these values do strike you dear, then please join our family, you are welcome here. Come share our joy, and take whatever you can hold with you, and share with others. We live to serve.

We promise you the best possible service we can provide, the best quality we can, at a fair price. What we ask of you is that if we provide all this, that you treat us as you would like to be treated. Together – we can make a better world.

With love,

The Trautmans

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